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Batik Books

A Selection of the Best Batik Books Available


Lady making a batik

Creative Batik

This colorful, practical guide explores many different waxing and dyeing techniques, explaining how to create beautiful flowers, trees, birds, animals, landscapes, and abstract designs.


Fabric Surface Design

Sensational sewing projects demand fabulous fabrics! Fiber artist Cheryl Rezendes shows you how to create an astonishing array of surface designs, simply and safely, using textile paints and printing ink. She covers a wide variety of techniques: stamping, ancient Japanese Shibori, silkscreen, soy wax and flour resist, image transfer, marbling, nature printing, foils and metal leaf, and more. Step-by-step photos illustrate every technique, and Rezendes shows you lots of innovative ways to combine and layer techniques for stunning results.


Batik Book, Tie Dyeing, Stenciling, Silk Screen, Block Printing

Outstanding guide to the most popular methods of painting, dyeing, and printing on fabrics. Wealth of illustrations, tips on easily obtained equipment and materials, design and project suggestions, how to get best results. This Batik Book has 356 illustrations.


Batik Quilts

Create paradise with quilts in exotic fabrics! For this Batik book, the editors of Fons and Porter’s Love of Quilting magazine have collected their most popular batik quilt patterns for all skill levels. Whether you want to make a small quilt, a bed-size one, or something in between, you’re sure to find plenty to love. There is also an article about how batik fabrics are made. 24 Designs: Under the Sea; Split Rail Fence; Imperial Diamonds; Circles, Circles; Batik Magic; Prairie Skies; Blue Bayou; Crossed Kayaks; September Leaves; Woven Wonder; On the Dark Side; Tucson Sunset; Triangle Surprise; Tranquility; Horse Play; Charming Diamonds; Sailing; Sunflowers; Night Blooms; Gold Rush; Baby Blue Mini; Candy Flowers; Graceful Ladies; and Double Wedding Ring.



Batik – Design, Style & History

Batik – in which a wax-resist is applied before dyeing to form a pattern in negative – has a very special place in the world of textiles. Practised from China to India to West Africa, it finds its most supreme expression in Indonesia, where the Javanese word batik gave it its name. No other cloth in Asia, perhaps in the whole world, contains so much symbolism and so many meanings, expressed in the philosophy of its colours and designs, and in the way it is made, folded and worn. Richly illustrated throughout, Batik explores in depth the origins of the batik tradition; regional differences; symbolism and motifs; modern influences on batik; and batik as costume and in art. An illustrated index of motifs and their meanings, a comprehensive listing of international batik collections, a glossary and a bibliography complete this authoritative yet accessible work.


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