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A Selection of the Best Decoupage Books Available


Decoupage – A Practical Guide to the Art of Decorating Surfaces with Paper Cutouts

“Perfect for beginners as well as experienced decoupeurs.”—Victorian Home and Gardens

Aptly called “painting with scissors,” the art of decoupage (embellishing surfaces with decorative paper cutouts) is one that requires no formal training or special talent. It can be mastered readily, with simple and inexpensive materials, yet can produce objects of great attractiveness and sophistication.Dee Davis has practiced and taught decoupage since she was first introduced to its delights almost thirty years ago. She now shares her enthusiasm, her discoveries, and her accumulated skills in text and pictures that explain and illustrate every aspect of the craft. Paper-cutting and decoupage have been popular for centuries, practiced in ancient China and Japan, in seventeenth-century Italy, in the courts of Marie Antoinette and Queen Victoria, and in the studios of twentieth-century artists such as Matisse and Picasso. The author explores this fascinating history before concentrating on the practical approach to the craft. With straightforward step-by-step directions and useful drawings she explains how to select papers, prepare surfaces, choose the right tools, cut, glue, and varnish. Color photographs of finished pieces, both traditional and modern, demonstrate the effects that can be achieved. Using the easy-to-follow instructions, newcomers to the craft will discover an exciting and fulfilling activity, while experienced decoupeurs will find the book full of ideas to enhance their knowledge and their expertise. Illustrated throughout.


Decoupage: Refurbish your home using paper, glue and scissors

* Attractive and interesting ideas on how to create unique decorative objects for your home using paper, glue and scissors * Suggestions, ideas and instructions on how to create gifts for your loved ones * Exciting production with simple instructions which will inspire the skill and imagination in everyone * 5 different techniques, 10 step by step projects, and more than 30 ideas for making effective handiwork that you can produce with your own hands and little effort * A perfect source of inspiration, this manual contains detailed coloured photos and instructions which are easy to follow * Whether you are a novice in this hobby or an experienced decoupage enthusiast, this book is everything you need to perfect your skill


New Crafts: Decoupage: 25 Handcrafted Projects Shown In 280 Step-By-Step Photographs

The centuries-old craft of decoupage celebrated in exciting designs and practical projects, with techniques from cutting intricate scraps to applying crackle glaze and decorative backgrounds.


Upcycle with Decoupage

Do you need a unique gift to give someone? Do you have an old bottle or basket sitting around that you don’t want to get rid of but aren’t sure what to do with? Need an item of beauty that looks just right for your style? Do you want to learn one of the easiest and most affordable of crafts? Upcycle with Decoupage is for you. There’s even an interactive Facebook page in case you need to ask questions, get some inspiration or just have a look around! We’re very user friendly over here.


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  1. PolishPokeyPimp

    I enjoy a variety of craft projects from soap making, to jewelry making to any variety of things and am willing to try new kinds of craft project. Any suggestions?

  2. Janek

    Once you have finished the decoupage, done according to the instructions in our article here: decoupage-box To finish off use a colorless polyurethane, this is available everywhere, ask your hardware man.

  3. Milk84

    Hello, I wish To decoupage my main dinner table (it is antique, not valuable but scratched and very ugly) with magazine and book images… what should I seal it with to make it waterproof and food spill resistant? Is there a certain product I will purchase at a hardward shop which will be suited for this project, what exactly is the name (I am inside BC, Canada if you are within the US, there are certain goods are not accessible up here).

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