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Fabric Painting Books

A Selection of the Best Fabric Painting Books Available


Fabric painting

Fabric Painting with Donna Dewberry: 40 Stylish Projects for Your Home & Wardrobe

Readers will love discovering dozens of exciting and colourful new ideas for painting on anything in their wardrobe or home that is made out of fabric. Donna’s designs add elegance and boldness and turn plain old denim jeans into eye-catching fashion statements.Home decor fabrics such as tablecloths and silk throw pillows, plus accessories such as handbags and scarves are also personalised with paint.Over 40 different designs are demonstrated step-by-step using Donna’s easy and popular one-stroke technique.


Fabric Painting with Cindy Walter: A Beginner’s Guide, 11 Techniques, From Colorwashes

Explore a variety of fabric painting techniques and add a distinctive touch to your quilts. You’ll learn how to create sun prints and use resist techniques, as well as how to paint a Hawaiian quilt and a traditional block quilt. Try colorwashing, scrunching, and salting methods to create uniquely personal fabrics. Cindy will encourage you to experiment, be playful, and get creative!


Printing on Fabric: Techniques with Screens, Stencils, Inks, and Dyes

From award-winning quilter, garment designer, and teacher Jen Swearington comes an essential and accessible guide to printing by hand on fabric. She starts by explaining how to translate design ideas into prints, from single motifs to repeating patterns. Jen then goes on to cover various methods of transfer: stencils, photo emulsion, dye baths, bleach resists, and more. With plenty of tried-and-true recipes, and a dozen teaching projects that range from garments to home décor, this beautiful book is the perfect resource for sewers, quilters, and other fabric crafters!


Fabric + Paint + Thread = Fabulous

Learn innovative new painting, free-motion quilting, and embellishing techniques for creating breathtaking art quilts. Are you ready to take your quilting to the next level? Then this is the book for you! Discover how to expand your artistic horizons and make breathtaking art quilts with these innovative techniques for painting, free-motion quilting, and embellishing, from award-winning quilter Pat Durbin. With five original projects to get you started and a stunning full-colour photo gallery to get the creative juices flowing, you’ll never be without inspiration again.


Dyes & Paints: A Hands-On Guide to Coloring Fabric

Learn techniques for dyeing and patterning fabric to any hue, value, or design. This comprehensive and award winning handbook covers all the fundaments of dyeing and coloring fabric with the MX fiber-reactive dyes and with textile paints. Many of the techniques can also be adapted for yarn, ribbon, paper, basket reed, and even wood.



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    The best is to buy one of the books on the subject that will teach you all you need to know.

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    Hi my name is aarya, my question is how could i learn what the different kinds of cloth are paintings done onto and what paints to use. how will i research it & make them. Does anybody knows the different names of cloth paintings

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    I going to a camp where I have to take a book with me. All the books that everyone will have are going to be the same so noone can tell theirs apart. What other things can I do to the cover besides stickers and logos to make it different?

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