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Ostrich Egg Candles Toi-Ikwiten Light

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Intriguing Candlesticks Made with Ostrich Eggs


Mary Cameron Toi-Ikwiten Light Eggs


Mary Cameron’s (pic below) home industry Toi-Ikwiten Light owes its origins largely to her fascination of the art of the world-famous Fabergé, whose jewel-encrusted eggs were originally made for Russian kings. But rather than work with precious metals and gem stones, Mary has drawn on her African roots, and she uses beautifully big ostrich eggs for her unique candlesticks.


Toi-Ikwiten Light Eggs

Afri-bead Originals Joins Toi-Ikwiten Light

Having begun to “accessorize” her candle holders with bead-like objects, including seeds and gourds, she launched a complementary product in the form of the Afri-bead Originals range. What the two have in common is that they are candlesticks – but additional African resources have made their way into the Afri-beads Originals range, in the form of wood, bone, metal, glass, horn and even amber.

Entirely self taught, Mary was introduced to craft markets by a friend who she used to assist at the Somerset West Country Craft Market. And clearly rubbing shoulders with so many other enthusiastic crafters rubbed off on Mary!

Three years ago she participated in their annual “approval market”, and immediately she was accepted as a casual crafter.

“I am passionate about the articles I produce,” she says, and it shows.


Ostrich egg artThe Toi-Ikwetin Light Name, Why?

So why the name Toi-Ikwetin Light? When you realize that the words toi-Ikwetin mean “ostrich egg” in the language of the southern African bushmen, it makes immediate sense.

To find out more about Mary, or to contact her, CLICK HERE and visit her website.


Toi-!kwiten ostrich egg candlestick


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