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Unique Treasure Trove Display Boxes

All About Treasure Trove Display Boxes

Treasure display boxes
A Place for Everything
These delightful display boxes with their separate compartments are perfect for displaying all your small trinkets and favorite treasures. If you don’t have a complete collection of curiosities yet, leave some of the spaces free ready to display special items as they arrive.

Treasure Trove Display Boxes

Display treasure trove boxes are useful and appealing. If you have a prize collection of trinkets or memorabilia hidden away in the back of a drawer or cupboard, now is just the time to sort it out and set it into a pleasing and delightful display using these pretty boxes.

The boxes are sold unfinished giving you the opportunity to paint them in a color to match your collection or decor. They can be treated in a variety of ways to add a touch of color to the wood. A specialist liming wax was used to give the wood on one box a pale, but interesting sheen.

Box Finishes

The green box was given a wash of wood glaze to color the wood but still preserve its interesting grain. While, the final box was simply buffed with a traditional furniture wax, using lots of elbow grease to create a warm brown veneer with a deep and lasting shine.

Besides coloring the box to match the collection try to match the finish of each box with its surroundings as well. Once decorated, boxes destined for the kitchen or bathroom should be finished with a protective coat of varnish, while a coat of wax is sufficient for boxes which will live in other rooms.

Fill Your Boxes

Once the box is dry, add the display. Collections of shells, flowers, herbs and seeds can all be used either fitting just one in each compartment or by tightly packing each division.

If you wish, once you are happy with the arrangement, you can also glue the pieces of your collection in place thus ensuring that each piece stays in its compartment. These boxes will be a unique alternative to pictures or framed embroideries and provide a happy memory of holidays and special occasions.

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