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Crafting DIY is all about arts and crafts. Not only will you learn about the tools and techniques of a wide variety of arts and crafts, but we also feature artists and crafters and their work.

Our aim is to inspire creativity and teach what you want to know. 

How to Master Crafting DIY at Home

The Crafting team has created a load of DIY crafting projects that you can do easily at home with minimal fuss and maximum achievement.

Many of the DIY crafts projects are very simple to do. Others are more complicated.

Even if you are a complete novice, don’t worry about getting stuck. There are lots step-by-step instructions for easy DIY crafts with pictures that tell the whole story. 

We have also included projects for more experienced crafters. So, if you want a challenge, these projects are for you.

Whatever DIY skills you have (or don’t have) you are sure to find something here that will interest you and get you energized.

Have fun and enjoy… 

That’s what Crafting DIY is all about

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