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Mariota Percival Art

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Mariota Percival Art – Artist of Many Talents

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Mariota Percival
Mariota Percival


The Mariota Percival art paintings and designs are inspired by the environment in which she has lived and traveled. She grew up in a creative family, in the gentle countryside of Lions River, in the KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) Midlands of South Africa. Her childhood opened her eyes to the beauty, harmony and rhythm of nature, which became the life-force behind her artistic ideas.

After graduating in fine art, painting and design at Natal Technikon in 1971, she worked as a graphic artist for a design company in Durban.

Mariota Percival Art And Travels

With her desire to explore beyond the horizons, she traveled to the UK, France, Holland, Germany, the Scandinavian countries, Russia, Poland, and then on to Brazil, Peru, Mexico and USA. The landscapes, ancient sites, the Folk Art and the ethnic music of the regions, made a great impact on her artworks.

After her marriage to Neil Percival in 1975, Mariota continued working as a freelance artist, for two years in both the Herefordshire countryside of England and in the Assagay/Hillcrest area of KZN. While her sons were growing up, Mariota’s art encompassed teaching art and fabric design from her home: painting, illustrating, and fabric design commissions. She also exhibited both locally and internationally.

Mariota has lived in Cape Town since 2004. She spread her wings, working for two years in the field of architectural model-building, followed by six years as a TEFL teacher at Sea Point language schools, both of which opened new doors to fresh ideas. During this period, she continued her art in her free time.

In 2013, two long-term dreams were fulfilled when she had the opportunity to travel firstly, with her younger son Douglas, to  India and to Southern China, then later with her elder son Alexander and the TDA convoy, by road from South Africa to Sudan.

Each moment is unique, each day an adventure. Colors, shapes, patterns and  expressions are all transient, and this is what lights her fire. 


Mariota Percival

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