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How to Make Candle Lampshades In 5 Steps

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How to Make Candle Lampshades Step-by-Step

candle lampshade
Natural light It is possible to create atmosphere using the most unsophisticated materials. This parchment and raffia shade with its verdigris candlestick is perfectly set off by the rough-textured wall.


Candle lampshades covered with decorative card or fabric shades are very much in vogue at the moment. There is almost always a drawer full of unused candles somewhere in the home, usually kept at hand in case of a power cut. And just about any candlestick can be transformed into a pretty candle lampshade. All you need are shade carriers, straight-sided candles and the shade materials.

The candle lampshades themselves are very easy to make and the same shades can be used on electric candle lamps provided you use the appropriate carrier. They will look charming on a dining table, or alternatively add an extremely appealing touch to the top of a cupboard, a chest of drawers or the mantle over a fireplace.

Make A Special Candle Lampshade Feature

You might even take the idea and turn it into a special feature or conversation piece in your home by making several different types and displaying them in every room. You should never leave burning candles unattended as the shades are only made from card or fabric, lovely candle lamps look just as attractive unlit.

Choose a style of shade to suit the candlestick itself as well as the decor of the room. A plain or cut glass candlestick might be enhanced by a delicate pink shade, a pale blue one or a plain one covered with splashes of gold.

Plain brown paper or parchment shades would complement the more ethnic, wooden style of decoration, while shades decorated with chic tartans, gold stars or ribbons and bows would look terrific in a more formal room.

You can have a lot of fun experimenting with different colored card and fabrics. Try altering the shape of the edging too, by cutting points instead of scallops for example. Another eye-catching variation could be produced by letting the light through tiny perforations or shapes cut out from the surface of the shade. The candle lampshades carriers can be bought from most good interior design or lighting shops.

Making Candle Lampshades

The different materials used will suit varying styles of interior decoration. The following suggestions are not exhaustive but offer a range of possibilities from the very simple and natural, to the more detailed and ornate styles. Once you start experimenting, you will probably come up with more ideas. If you want to take this DIY Craft further then you can make your own candles See HERE

A Parchment Shade


Lampshade carrier

Parchment 40 x 20cm (16 x 8in) from craft shops or specialist paper shops

Strands of raffia or laces for the top and bottom

Eyelet machine or small hole punch

Clear adhesive

Candle Lampshade Step 11. Cutting the shape

Cut out the template. Draw around the template on the parchment and cut out the shape.


Candle Lampshades Step-22. Punching holes

Before making holes in the parchment, use a pencil to mark the hole positions about 4cm (1 ½ in) apart, 1cm (3/8 in) in from the top and bottom edges. Use a hole punch or eyelet machine, to make the small holes all the way round the top and bottom.


Candle Lampshades Step-33. Making up the shade

Apply clear adhesive along the overlapping edge and stick the two side edges together. Press together firmly and then leave shade to dry.


Candle Lampshades Step-44. Adding raffia decoration

Thread the raffia through the holes, looping it around the edge. Secure by tying raffia in a decorative knot at the front or glue it down neatly.

Candle Lampshades Step-55. Securing the shade

Position the shade over the metal carrier and carefully push it over the top edge until the shade slots firmly into place. The rim of the shade should fit quite tightly around the brass rim of the carrier. It is important to fit the shade to the carrier before placing the whole thing over your candle.




Candle Lampshade
Shady character Three very different candle lampshade styles are depicted here – choose one that best suits the style of your room.


A word of warning As the candle lampshades are only made out of card, paper or fabric, the manufacturer’s instructions for the carrier must be adhered to. Never leave burning candles unattended. Only use straight-sided candles, 2cm (3/4 in) in diameter. Never let candles burn lower than 10cm (4in). Before lighting, make sure the carrier sits straight on the candle and the card shade fits snugly over the top.

If you want to take this DIY Craft further then you can make your own candles See HERE

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