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Graphic and Fabric Design

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Fabric Design Inspired by Life and Living

Mariota Percival’s love of colour, pattern, shapes and themes are combined into creations that use paint, collage, recycled scraps of fabric, applique embroidery. Her inspiration is derived from her travels and her view of life around her, with ideas that she has drawn from numerous sources.
        Essentially her stunning graphic and fabric design work stems from her desire to create rhythm, harmony and balance in her designs, through patterns, shapes and colour that have been inpired by the organic and inorganic environment, as well as from other artists through the ages.
        The media she uses for graphic and fabric designs is vast and varied and includes gouache, acrylics, collage,  fabric scraps, sequins, shisha glass , beads, buttons, embroidery threads, string, old wooden frames, glitter glue and more.
“I try to apply colors, like words that shape poems, like notes that shape music.”  Joan Miro

Mariota has drawn inspiration from the 2D art of many cultures:


Fabric Design

long white strip
European folk art
Russian icons
Indian & Persian 18th century miniature paintings
Inca & Aztec designs
African rock paintings and engravings
Paul Klee’s abstract paintings
Gustav Klimt’s design paintings
Joan Miro’s surrealist paintings


Fabric Design


Into the Light and Sound


Fabric Design



Journey to the Stars

fabric design




fabric design

Cosmic Dance


Fabric design

Fabric design

Celestial Sky

Fabric design

Fabric art

Bushman Paintings

These graphic paintings, inspired by Bushmen rock paintings, were commissioned by a hotel resort located in the Drakensberg in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.


fabric design

Patchwork Quilt

An Afro-American patchwork quilt titled Music of the Spheres 


fabric design


White strip

Traditional Rajasthani Elephant

Graphic design inspired by India.

fabric design

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