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Make Paper Pears For Christmas 4 Steps


How to Make Paper Pears

Paper pears and other fruit decor on christmas tree
This Christmas tree is decorated with a few types of fruit including this step-by-step pear below. (pic by Lori-Ann Willey)


Sheets of newspaper

Wallpaper paste, mixed to full strength following manufacturers instructions and left to stand before use.

Bowl and spoon for mixing the paste


Masking tape

Thin card white or green

Gold spray paint

Green poster paint


Paper pears are easy to make.

Pear SbS 01

1. Making the paper pears shape.

Scrunch up a sheet of newspaper and mold it into a basic pear shape. Wrap masking tape around it to hold the paper in place.

2. Covering the surface.

Cut or tear some sheets of newspaper into strips, about 1Ocm (4in) long. Cover them with wallpaper paste. Lay the strips over the basic pear shape until it is evenly covered with one layer of paper. Paint a coat of glue over the whole surface.


Pear SbS 02

3. Correcting the shape.

Continue to add layers of newspaper and glue until you have a good pear shape. You may have to add extra layers in some areas to get the right proportions. When your pear is complete, leave it to dry out thoroughly before adding any decoration.


Pear SbS 03

4. Adding the detail.

Cut short pear stalks (and leaves if required) out of thin card and paint them green. When dry carefully glue them firmly in position. Paint the surface of the pear green too, then when it is dry cover it with gold spray-paint as the finishing touch.


Pear s

Real fruit molds.

Another way of making the paper fruit is to use real pears as molds. Grease the pear with petroleum jelly before covering it with paper strips. When dry, cut the paper pear in half and take out the fruit. Stick the two paper halves together.

Christmas Decorations

There are many things that can spark the Christmas spirit, the arrival of cold weather, the smell of cookies baking in the oven, the presence of family are all examples. But nothing seems to trigger the magical feelings of the holiday season quite like holiday decorations.

The nature of the Christmas decorations has changed noticeably over the past sixty years. Tastes have changed, of course the themes that were so popular in the fifties and sixties are no longer in evidence. Perfect Christmas decorating needs a plan or a theme such as selecting among the rustic lodge Christmas, a Toyland Christmas, countries around the world, Victorian, country, Santa, snowmen, old fashioned, the list goes on and on.

Holiday decorations create a warm, welcoming environment. Traditionally, decorating for Christmas is done with wreaths, trees, Christmas lights and bows as these capture and stimulate the Christmas Spirit. Christmas decoration takes time, physical ability, design skills and knowledge, but people enjoy the task of designing, installing and maintaining the holiday decor.

People start thinking on Christmas decoration ideas days in advance as early planning is always recommended. Whether installing own decorations, or having it done, it’s always better to make the arrangements early. During Christmas time, designers produce spectacular displays using a variety of methods such as exotic trees, attractive roof lighting, beautiful greenery, elegant window lighting etc.

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  2. Dr Dorian

    I am sticking newspaper strips over a round balloon but in a bit of a pear shape, and it’s pretty much hard and come out in the shape I want. However, I will be painting directly over it and I think there are a lot of creases and wrinkles. How do I make it smooth? Is there a way to sand it, or anything? I don’t mind relayering.

  3. Janek

    All you must do is scrape out the cracks with a paint scraper and refill the cracks with a standard wall filler that you can get from all hardware stores.

  4. clntvrrt

    The walls are crakled within the paste plus chip off. I would like anything which doesn’t include too much elbow grease.

  5. Janek

    You will not be able to make hollow grapes, you can make solid paper balls the size of grapes rolled in between your hands.

  6. Austin

    Basically, for my final piece of inside art I am creating a papier mache bowl filled with green fruits (papier mache: apples, pears, bananas). I am considering adding grapes to the bowl unfortunately I am not certain how I could fabricate these … any suggestions ??
    Additionally, are there any tips on what else I can add to the bowl ?? If you do let me know and possibly how I can create these.
    Thanks 🙂 x

  7. Janek

    Most fruits are round and there are many to choose from. Just use the same method explained in the post.

  8. Xbox Gamer

    thus i have to create a food item which is prepared from at least 2 or 3 art supplies like clay,paper or cable!!!
    thus what food must i create plus what could i create it with plus how must i create it??? thanks for all a aid!!!!

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