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Crafting DIY is all about arts and crafts. Not only will you learn about the tools and techniques of a wide variety of arts and crafts, but we also feature artists and crafters and their work.

Our aim is to inspire creativity and teach what you want to know. 

How to Master Crafting DIY at Home

The Crafting team has created a load of DIY crafting projects that you can do easily at home with minimal fuss and maximum achievement.

Many of the DIY crafts projects are very simple to do. Others are more complicated.

Even if you are a complete novice, don’t worry about getting stuck. There are lots step-by-step instructions for easy DIY crafts with pictures that tell the whole story. 

We have also included projects for more experienced crafters. So, if you want a challenge, these projects are for you.

Whatever DIY skills you have (or don’t have) you are sure to find something here that will interest you and get you energized.

Have fun and enjoy… 

That’s what Crafting DIY is all about

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Beautiful Baskets

ContentsUse Baskets to Decorate Your HomeBaskets make attractive containersThe Shopping BasketA Cluster of BasketsNatural HarmonyThe History Of Baskets Use Baskets to Decorate Your Home Bleached blond, naturally tawny, and dyed or painted lovely warm shades, baskets are one of the … Read More

Succulent Art
with No Comments

ContentsHow to Create Succulent artWhere to Get Ideas & InspirationWhat to Know About SucculentsCrassula SedumEcheveria Aeonium Cotyledon Kalanchoe SempervivumHaworthiaDelospermaFaucaria Tips For Your Succulent Art DesignWhere to Buy Succulents How to Create Succulent art By PENNY SWIFT The vast array of succulents that grow in open … Read More

How to Make Candle Lampshades In 5 Steps
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ContentsHow to Make Candle Lampshades Step-by-StepMake A Special Candle Lampshade FeatureMaking Candle LampshadesA Parchment ShadeMaterials1. Cutting the shape2. Punching holes3. Making up the shade4. Adding raffia decoration5. Securing the shade How to Make Candle Lampshades Step-by-Step   Candle lampshades covered with decorative … Read More

Macrame Is an Easy Art Form
with 10 Comments

ContentsHow To Do Macrame, the Art of Decorative KnottingThe Origin of MacraméThe Role of Sailors in the Craft of MacrameMacrame Becomes a Decorative ArtLearn how to do Macrame Knots with this YouTube video below. How To Do Macrame, the Art … Read More

Wall Stenciling
with 7 Comments

ContentsDecorate Your Walls with StencilingStencilling is Easy To DoStencilling On The WallUsing A BorderPlan The Design Decorate Your Walls with Stenciling   Stenciling is designed for you home decorators who want to Decorate Your Walls with Stenciling and create original … Read More

Get Confidence With Using Color
with 1 Comment

ContentsGet Confidence With Using ColorWe show you how to get confidence with using color.First Time DecoratingCover Any HolesDegreaserPrimerPainting SuppliesBegin Painting Get Confidence With Using Color   Words by Penny Swift & Pictures by Janek Szymanowski © We show you how … Read More

Life Studies and Landscapes

ContentsStudies of Nature and Landscapes by Mariota PercivalMariota’s Life StudiesInspiration for Life Studies and Landscapes Studies of Nature and Landscapes by Mariota Percival “I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey-work of the stars.” Walt Whitman Mariota’s heart lies … Read More

Wire Keys Frame In 3 Easy Steps

ContentsKeep Your Keys All Framed Up With a Wire Keys FrameMaking the Wire Hearts Key Holder Materials1. Forming the heart2. Binding the heart3. Fixing the hearts in place Keep Your Keys All Framed Up With a Wire Keys Frame Keep … Read More

Architectural Studies

ContentsArt Born Out of a Long-lasting Fascination of World ArchitectureStation IllustrationsBuildings As Architectural Studies Art Born Out of a Long-lasting Fascination of World Architecture   Mariota Percival’s interest in world architecture, ancient sites and different styles of houses was sparked … Read More

Simple Fabric Headboard in 7 Steps
with 7 Comments

ContentsHow to Make a Simple Fabric HeadboardMake the Tie-on-CoverMaterials1. Measuring up for a simple fabric headboard 2. Cutting out3. Hemming the side panels 4. Stitching the fabric ties5. Quilting the cover6. Positioning the ties7. Attaching the side panelsSlip-on covers How … Read More

Graphic and Fabric Design
with 2 Comments

ContentsFabric Design Inspired by Life and LivingMariota has drawn inspiration from the 2D art of many cultures:Moonbeams Into the Light and SoundJourney to the StarsCosmic DanceCelestial SkyBushman PaintingsPatchwork QuiltTraditional Rajasthani Elephant Fabric Design Inspired by Life and Living Mariota Percival’s … Read More

Elegant Tiebacks
with 3 Comments

ContentsHow to Make An Elegant TiebackPositioning The TiebackSelecting the FabricPositioning the FabricTieback Tie In How to Make An Elegant Tieback   By catching the curtains back at just the right height, tiebacks pull the curtain fabric into an attractive sweep … Read More

Cards and Illustrations By Mariota Percival
with 3 Comments

ContentsUnique Cards and Book Illustrations by Mariota PercivalThe Analytical MonkeyThe Magic CloakGoing ApeZulu Learner’s BookThe Wonky DoorShuter & Shooter Publishers’ CatalogueIllustrations for Mariota Percival MemoirsCards Unique Cards and Book Illustrations by Mariota Percival Talented artist Mariota Percival specializes in unique beautiful … Read More

Magic Lanterns 4 Ideas
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ContentsHow to Make Magic LanternsEasy magic lanternsMaterialsDaisy NightlightSunflower NightlightClemantis Nightlight How to Make Magic Lanterns   Easy magic lanterns Easy magic lanterns – you can take a set of plain glass tumblers and turn them into stunning magic lanterns. They’ll … Read More

Make Lace Windows-4 Steps
with 1 Comment

ContentsMake Your Own Covering For Lace WindowsLooking after laceCovering a Wide Picture Window1. Measure Up Your Lace Windows 2. Pin and Stitch Top Edge 3. Zig-Zag Stitch 4. Match Up Designs Stitching bordersAll About Lace Make Your Own Covering For … Read More

Mariota Percival Art
with 1 Comment

ContentsMariota Percival Art – Artist of Many TalentsAvailable for CommissionsMariota Percival Art And TravelsLife and Landscape StudiesMariota Percival Architectural StudiesCards and Book IllustrationsGraphic and Fabric Art Mariota Percival Art – Artist of Many Talents Available for Commissions   The Mariota … Read More

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