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Bangle Craft

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Beautiful Jewelry Crafted from Wood

bangle craft

Bangle Craft is a family business based in a lovely little town called Kleinmond on the southern Cape coast of South Africa. Reg Brand creates the elements, and his wife Dona (Pictured left) helps him make unique necklaces, earrings, finger rings, religious crosses, and … of course bangles.

Small Beginnings

Bangle Craft, the business, began in about 2009 when Reg – who loves working with his hands – made segmented wooden bangles as gifts for members of his family. Neither he nor Dona had considered the idea of craft markets, but their family was so excited by the gifts they begged the Brands to consider selling them via this route.

So they decided to give it a try, and started by increasing their range of products.

“Dona suggested I turn some wooden beads, so that she could try and make some necklaces and earrings.”

It worked and, in Reg’s words: “The bug bit us very hard”.

Bangle Craft pendants

Craft Markets

(Picture above: Stunning crafted wooden pendants from Bangle Craft.)

From the very beginning, Reg and Dona loved going to market.

“The first markets we attended proved to be very exciting, interesting, and the beginning of many new friendships.”

In addition, they – perhaps ironically – got to spend more time together.

“I’ve always said that at home Dona is busy with her things and me with mine, so there’s not much communication. But at the market we sit about one meter apart and spend quality time together.”

One thing led to another, which it often does, and the couple found out about other markets and the reality of a “big market world” out there.

The markets they have attended so far include:

  • The annual Stellenberg Church Market in Stellenberg,
  • The annual Kleinmond Christmas Market,
  • The Somerset West Country Craft Market (they have been permanent stall holders since late in 2012),
  • The annual Betty’s Bay Market,
  • The Pringle Bay Craft Market,
  • The Kleinmond Harbour Market,
  • Big Blues Festival (which is held in March).

The Bangle Craft Range of Products

Reg and Dona Brand now make a full range of jewelry from wood and they have sold their wares as far afield as Germany. Bangle Craft goodies Picture above: Some of the lovely jewellery items available from Bangle Craft


2 Responses

  1. Mistry

    I love working on crafts, preferably with old T-shirts and things like that. I thought of making a bag, but I want something more interesting. Any ideas?

  2. PoohBearPenguin

    I would like to create a bangle, somewhat like the 1 pictured here:

    What form of resin would I have to get for this and would it result an inkjet print to run? Thanks for the reply!

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