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Seaside Candles To Make Now

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How to Make Seaside Candles

Seaside candles
Lighting the Way
Abalone shells, smaller oyster shells, starfish, thick and thin rope and candles all combine to give a lovely touch of romance to any setting. The decorated seaside candles may also remind you of those balmy summer evenings spent wandering along the seashore during your holidays.

Light up your home on warm evenings with these original seaside candles using shells and rope. All the designs are quick and easy to make, so they are ideal for a special occasion, especially if you want to create a more rustic look. To make the smaller candles just wrap thin rope around nightlights.

They are perfect for using on a dining table, you could even make one for every place setting, or use them in the lounge adding one candle to each side table. The larger rope seaside candles make ideal displays on their own if placed in front of a mirror in the drawing room, or used as a table centerpiece.

How to Make a Rope Nightlight


Pillar Candles or Nightlight 2.5cm (1 in) deep

Jute rope 8mm (1/4 in) thick x60cm (24 in) long

Double-sided adhesive tape2 stainless steel pins

Super glue


Sharp scissors

Three small shells

1 – Preparing a nightlight

Stick  a ring of double-sided tape around the top and bottom of the thin metal nightlight casing. Then peel the tape backing off.

2 – Winding the rope

Beginning at the base, tightly spiral the rope around the nightlight, trim rope end at the top. Secure the rope at the top and bottom, using a thimble and two pins, by pushing each pin through the metal casing into the wax.

3 – Finishing off

Check the shells are not damaged, then turn the nightlight on its side. Apply glue to the rim of one shell and hold it in position for a few seconds. Repeat the procedure for the other shells.

How to Make Abalone Candles

Abalone seaside candles
Awesome Abalone
Abalone shell candles are incredibly easy to make yet they look a million dollars. Once used the shells can be can be refilled to make new seaside candles. With the rope nightlights they provide a perfect light for any romantic setting.


Abalone shell about 10-12cm (4-5 in) in diameter

Thick cotton candlewick 1Ocm (4in) long

Long pencil, adhesive tape and modeling clay

Double boiler saucepan

Old wooden or metal spoon

Stearin <Click for more info> 1 heaped tablespoon for each candle and candle wax 9 heaped tablespoons for each candle

1 – Preparing the shell

Warm the modeling clay in your hand until it is soft and pliable, then plug any holes in the shell from the inside. Place the prepared shell on a work surface protected with newspaper.

2 – Melting the wax

Using the double boiler or a basin over a pan of water melt the stearin and candle wax together. Stir the mixture occasionally. Never melt candle wax over direct heat. Dip the wick into the melted wax to coat it.

3 – Positioning the wick

Tie one end of the wick around the center of the pencil. Lay the pencil across the shell allowing the wick to hang down into the deepest part of the shell. Stick the free end of the wick to the shell base with tape and secure the pencil to the rim of the shell with the modeling clay.

4 – Pourinq the wax

Pour the melted wax carefully into the shell. Leave the wax to cool and harden then trim the wick to 1cm (3/8 in) above the surface.

A number of people ask:

What does stearin do in candle making?
Stearic acid, also known as stearin, is a long-chain fatty acid often used in candlemaking. Its primary property is to raise the melting point of the wax mixture, making the resulting candle harder and more durable.


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