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Christmas Napkins


Festive Flair Christmas Napkins

Christmas napkins in green and red
Often, the seemingly smallest details express the warmest welcome. Family and friends are bound to appreciate the care you have taken in making these charming Christmas napkins to grace your Christmas table. Each one can be rolled or folded to display its little motif or message clearly and tied up with a length of narrow silver gift ribbon or cord.


Individual Style

Delight your guests this Christmas with individually styled Christmas napkins, each one decorated with a winter motif. These napkins will enhance a beautifully laid table and, as each one is made using a different technique, you can either pick the one you prefer and make a matching set or create a selection.

Hand Embroidered

The mistletoe arrangement on the first napkin is hand embroidered in satin stitch, while the border is worked with two rows of machine-stitched satin stitch. Simple leaf motifs are painted all over the second napkin, using a fine nibbed fabric pen – you can even add a personal message of good cheer.

Fabric Leaf

A fabric leaf is stuck in the corner of the appliqué Christmas napkins and delicately edged with glitter paint. The beaded berries add the finishing touch.

Cloth or Paper Napkins – The Debate

Paper towels and paper napkins are a huge source of paper waste and expensive over time. In the United States, 13 billion pounds of paper towels are used each year. To make one ton of paper towels, 17 trees are cut down and 20,000 gallons of water are consumed.

Instead, think reusable and use cloth napkins and dish towels. Let’s name the benefits:

• Cloth dishtowels are sturdier and hold more water than their paper alternatives, making for better cleaning and wiping up messes.
• Cloth napkins come in an endless array of colors and designs, making them more attractive at the table.
• Your set of cloth dishtowels and napkins will save precious resources.
• Over time, cloth dishtowels and napkins will save you an enormous amount of money in paper towels and paper napkins that you do not purchase.

You can invest in a set of long lasting wash cloths and napkins, or make your own by cutting up old sheets, towels, etc., and hemming the edges. You can also find them at secondhand stores, at flea markets and on eBay. If you are buying new dish towels or napkins, remember that conventional cotton is a notoriously nasty crop in terms of pesticides, so aim to use organic cotton. Alternatively, choose hemp or linen which are more sustainable materials than conventional cotton. Follow the tips below for the greenest use of your cloth napkins and dish towels.

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3 Responses

  1. Katie

    Something really simple and easy and does not cost is silver tinsel laid around the table and a bright red ribbon bows one for each place.

  2. Cupcakerum

    Obviously we have the normal plates, cutlery, glasses, napkins etc yet is there any special inspiration for what I can place on the Christmas dinner table ? Thanks 🙂

  3. isk8at818

    I create presents at a snails pace, I have to start early every year, textiles are what I enjoy most. If I can get inspiration from any one here I would appreciate it very much, can be anything really, our extended family has a bunch of men, boys and women and girls, any inspiration at all! Thanx!

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