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Christmas Tree Decorations


How to Make Christmas Tree Decorations

Christmas Tree decorations
All that glitters.
Hand-made tree decorations add an old-fashioned charm to your Christmas tree. Once you get the hang of making the decorations use them to make Christmas mobiles.


Making your own Christmas tree decorations is all part of the planning and preparation for Christmas. When in full swing there’s nothing more satisfying and relaxing than making your own Christmas tree decorations.

Pine cones, a small grapevine wreath and florist’s foam are the main items used to make these three Christmas tree decorations. Use holly and ivy to add touches of Christmas green and red or if you prefer buy everlasting holly and berries so that you can re-use your decorations.

Here Are 3 Ideas With Step-by-steps

1. Golden Cones

Pine cone,
cardboard box,
gold spray,
red ribbon
and rubber solution glue



Golden-Cone02-s1. Spraying the cone

Clean the cone and place in a cardboard box – the spray area. Using a fine spray, paint the cone taking care to cover it completely. Leave the cone to dry.


Golden-Cone03-s2. Attaching the ribbon

Tie a double bow in the red ribbon and trim the ends. The red color adds to the Christmas tree decorations theme.  Attach the ribbon to the cone with glue, pressing the ribbon down with your finger.


Bright Bauble


Ball of florist’s foam
5cm (2in),
can of gold spray,
20 each of holly and ivy leaves with stalks, holly berries, gypsophila,
florist’s wire,
1m (40in) of red ribbon
and a cardboard box.


Bright-Bauble02-s1. Using the spray

Place the holly berries, leaves and pieces of gypsophila into the box and spray them with gold paint. Cut a length of ribbon to make a large bow and hanging loop then twist a length of wire around the centre of the ribbon.



Bright-Bauble03-s2. Attaching the bow.

Tie a bow around the wire and stick into the florist’s foam. Check the bow is secure. Make 10 more small bows and attach.


Bright-Bauble04-s3. Filling the bauble.

Work slowly, covering the florist’s foam with ribbons, then berries and leaves, and filling the gaps with gypsophila.


Wreath of Berries


Grapevine wreath
8cm (3in),
florist’s wire,
red ribbon,
and berries


Wreath-of-Berries02-s1. Attaching the bow.

Wrap the ribbon around the grapevine garland and tie a double bow. Make an extra long loop for hanging, then trim off the ribbon’s ends ensuring that they are the same length.


Wreath-of-Berries03-s2. Adding the berries.

Carefully attach the holly leaves with berries around the ribbon to hide the knot. If necessary wire the berries and leaves to secure them to the grapevine wreath.


Reference: The Country Look—Decor & Crafts


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