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6 Steps – How To Make Paper Window Curtains


How to Make Paper Window Curtains in 6 Easy Steps

paper curtains
Designed Curtains
The design on these paper window curtains is inspired by the tree which can be glimpsed beyond the window. Copy the pattern from this picture, or, if you prefer, you could design your own paper window curtains, taking your inspiration from your surroundings.


These Paper Window Curtains are used as a sun screen and will keep a room cool, with the pattern attractively reflected into the room. It is also a pretty way of providing privacy. The paper window curtains are easy to make and can be made to look as simple or intricate as you would like. Always use a piece of paper large enough for what you need, such as a paper tablecloth to cover large windows or doors, and you can use art paper or baking paper for smaller windows; if not, try to avoid joins in the paper wherever possible. For small windows you could use large sheets of white or colored paper which are available from most art shops.

Make Your Paper Window Curtains


White paper cut to fit window or door.
HB pencil and eraser.
Craft knife.
Sheet of cardboard for a cutting board.
Tissue paper.
Curtain wire
with an eyelet screw at each end to measure width of curtain.
Screw hook
x 2.
Strong paper glue.


Making  Paper Window Curtains

Paper Curtain 02-s


1. Folding the paper

Fold paper lengthwise into four sections, concertina style. Run your thumbnail along each crease.


2. Drawing your design

Enlarge and adapt the design to fit your curtain. Then position the design along the folded edges, and using a sharp pencil draw the design on to the paper. Mark the cut out areas.


3. Cutting with the craft knife

Place the folded paper, design side upon to the cutting board. Hold with masking tape. Working through no more layers than can be cleanly cut through, use the craft knife to cut out all the marked areas.


4. Pressing the paper curtain

Taking care not to tear the pattern, use an eraser to remove any remaining pencil marks. Placing the tissue paper over the curtain to protect it, use a warm, dry iron to smooth out the creases.


5. Making the casing

Fold 3.5cm (1 3/8 in)  along the top edge to the wrong side of the curtain, then runyour thumb-nail along the fold. Glue along the edge of the paper to make a casing.


6. Hanging the paper window curtain

Decide the hanging position of the curtain and using the bradawl, start the holes at each end of the curtain casing. Screw the eye screws into the window frame. Thread the curtain wire through the curtain casing, then attach to the eye screws.

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Reference: The Country Look—Decor & Crafts, indulgy.com


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