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5 Easy DIY Headboard Ideas

Decorate Your Own Headboard

Stenciled Screen
Stenciled Screen
A headboard made from a screen creates an impressive focal point. The inspiration for the delicately stenciled lace design is drawn from the broderie and appliqué bed linen. If extra support is required, simply attach to the wall with hooks.

1. Here Are A Few Headboard Ideas

If your bed does not have an integrated headboard you can decorate your own headboard, it can be a distinct advantage. It offers you endless options to invent your own style, personalizing the headboard to suit your own taste, rather than living with one that is either uncomfortable, unattractive or not easily adaptable.

If you’re handy with a needle, you can make a padded or quilted cover, or stitch pillow-sized cushions to suspend from a curtain pole screwed into the wall and attached behind the bed.

Alternatively, a simple wooden headboard can be painted in one solid color, bold stripes or vibrant checks, to match your decor. Try experimenting with paint effects, such as ragging or sponging, for a more subtle finish.

Adorn a freestanding headboard with attractive moldings for an unusual effect, or add shells or other favorite collections to give the room a theme.

Use a screen instead of a headboard and decorate it with découpage or a paint effect, such as stenciling. If you are feeling really adventurous, try painting a trompe l’oeil headboard on to your wall to really make your bed the main focus of attention in the room.

2. Trompe l’oeil Headboard


This is the second of my easy headboard ideas. If you don’t have a headboard, why not paint one? The illusory effect of trompe l’oeil is impressive, and simple schemes like this are relatively easy to achieve. This is real paint magic, it is amazing the effects you can achieve with just a paint brush and some paint. Here, a wonderful trompe l’oeil headboard has been created.

3. Decorative Moldings

Moulding Headboard

This wooden, seven-paneled headboard has been given a curve-shaped head and then limed in a pale blue-grey.

The raised embroidery on the bed linen has inspired the Roman-style decorative relief moldings which have been sprayed silver and then glued in place on to the headboard.

Hanging as a backdrop, the batik-effect wall hanging offers a new textural dimension to the overall room scheme.

4. Shell Bound

Shells headboard

Whelk and clam shells have been used for an eye-catching effect. The soft, grey, wooden background gives the feeling of driftwood, which, set against the rough plaster walls, emphasizes the feeling of being at the seashore. To continue with my headboard ideas, this seashore theme has been continued throughout the room, with the shell-covered lamp base and the star fish and mussel wall plaque. Careful choice of color, golden bedclothes and white accessories add to the overall effect in this sunny bedroom.

5. Painted Squares

Blue headboard

Brighten up your headboard with a bold, checked pattern. This design is easy to create and you can change the colors to match your own décor. You can liven up any old plain headboard with a dash of paint. Here, blue-and-white is the chosen color theme, and the paint has been used to create a woven design effect. Painting a headboard is a great way of covering up an old and scruffy one.

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