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Scrapbooking Books

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A Selection of the Best Scrapbooking Books Available

Scrapbooking – Back to Basics

Scrapbooking BooksThis book is technique-based with easy step-by-step instructions clearly illustrated with photographs. Over 150 sample pages will inspire and inform as captions tell you what you don’t see, rather than stating the obvious.

Scrapbooking: back to basics is unlike most other books on scrapbooking in that it keeps the focus on the photos rather than on the embellishments that can overwhelm them. The title is technique-based with easy step-by-step instructions clearly illustrated with step-by-step photographs. Every technique, original as well as traditional, is illustrated with top quality photographs of finished pages where it has been applied. There is a load of tried and tested hints and tips, as well as cost-cutting advice scattered throughout the book. It contains all the information you need to get started and as it includes basic as well as advanced techniques it is suitable for both beginners and advanced scrapbookers. Over 150 sample pages will inspire and inform as captions tell you what you don’t see, rather than stating the obvious.



The Encyclopedia of Scrapbooking Tools & Techniques

Scrapbooking BooksThis A-to-Z encyclopedia contains every technique, every major designer, every scrapbook possibility–and it’s all described in glossary style, complete with photos and tips that no scrapbooker can do without. Exciting page layouts with how-to instructions, offer inspiration, while dozens of projects come from the most creative minds in the field, including Andrea Grossman (Mrs. Grossman’s Paper Company); Rhonda Anderson (Creative Memories); Bridgette Server (Making Memories); and Dee Gruenig. Eye-opening studio set shots present decorations and accessories, while charts, graphs, and blocked sections supply necessary information.





Scrap It! – Using Scrapbooking Techniques for Decorative and Gift Ideas

Scrapbooking Books

This title is about traditional scrapbooking with a twist – a do-it-yourself title teaching you to apply scrapbooking techniques to everyday items, turning them into gorgeous gifts or decorative items for your home. Rather than making the usual scrapbook pages, hidden away in albums that many people may never see or take an interest in, you use the techniques for off-the-page scrapbooking, or simply altered items – three-dimensional scrapbooking. Combine paper, glue and embellishments with baking trays, felt, coffee cups, frames and much more and you will find you can alter just about everything – the sky is the limit: Craft personalized gifts from recycled tins; find great ideas for reusing jars and bottles; use frames and clipboards to take scrapbooking out of albums and on to your walls; turn discarded children’s board books into new, personalized stories; apply finishes ranging from vintage to rustic, from girlish to sophisticated; display photographs in clever, creative ways using assemblage and collage. The focus remains on preserving memories, but using this to transform or create items to be put on display for all to see – either for yourself or as much appreciated gifts for friends and loved ones. Scrap it! is lavishly illustrated with full page photographs of all finished projects, and clear step by step instructions and photographs guide you to create your own masterpieces in no time.


Creative scrapbook piecing

Scrapbooking BooksCreative scrapbook piecing is a collection of scrapbook layouts created with little other than paper. Each of the 60 full-color layouts includes templates of the frames, letters, titles, tags, envelopes, etc, as well as the templates and easy-to-understand instructions for constructing the three-dimensional figurines featured on the layout. The elements provided may also be used separately to create your own layouts. If you prefer a simpler style, some of the elements may be replaced with additional photographs or journaling. Either way, you will find ideas and inspiration, whether you are a novice scrapper or a well-seasoned scrapping addict.




Scrapbooking with Cricut: A Year of Layouts to Celebrate Life’s Memorable Moments!

Scrapbooking Books36 creative and colorful scrapbook page ideas for the most popular holidays and occasions covering an entire year.

Sometimes, a little inspiration is all you need to get you started creating scrapbook pages to capture special memories and moments. Whether the occasion commemorates a long-established holiday or one that celebrates a monumental occasion such as a first birthday, a special sports moment or a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, each memory-worthy event in your life deserves to be captured and shared with generations to come. There’s no better place to journal those moments than in a scrapbook full of photos, and there’s no better to accomplish that quickly and creatively than with your Cricut. With cartridges for nearly every conceivable theme, it’s easy to so quick and easy to create a keepsake that you and your family can treasure for years to come. Just choose your favorite cartridge, load your paper and you’re ready to begin. Scrapbooking with Cricut has never been more fun!