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Honey and Jam Books

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A Selection of the Best Honey and Jam Books Available

Honey – Nature’s Golden Healer

Honey and Jam BooksThere is growing evidence to show that honey is hugely beneficial to our health, from its antibacterial properties to helping relieve hay fever to even inhibiting the growth of cancer cells. Drawing on her background in the biological sciences, Gloria Havenhand reveals how we can harvest the beehive for anything from reviving tonics to beauty treats. Not only does she demonstrate how honey is essential for healthy living, but tackles other under-appreciated and lesser-known bee products such as propolis, a sticky resin, which can help skin conditions such as psoriasis; pollen used to relieve hay fever and boost the immune system and royal jelly and beeswax uesd in cosmetics to rejuvenate the skin. With increasing numbers of people interested in ditching drugs for natural alternatives to combat health problems from allergies to acne, this book is a timely look at how the beehive can help us look and feel better.




Keeping Bees and Making Honey

Honey and Jam BooksThis is a comprehensive and attractive lifestyle guide to beekeeping – from finding your bees to getting them home, housing them, collecting honey and using their produce.It includes a detailed look at the history of bees and beekeeping, and an extensive introduction to help you to fully understand your bees and keep them happy.Whether you have a tiny balcony or acres of land; live in the middle of a city or in the countryside surrounded by flowers, this book caters for every situation, discussing the different types of hive available for every eventuality.It features a detailed section on gardening for bees, as well as comprehensive advice on how to safely collect your honey and wax, with recipes and ideas on how to use them. Bees fuses contemporary lifestyle design and an authoritative text, to appeal not only to those who already have bees, but to those who are thinking of having them or even just like the idea of having them – it will ‘sell the dream’.




Making Jams and Preserves

Honey and Jam BooksMaking your own jams and preserves is not only satisfying; it is also the perfect and tasty way to keep your harvest produce all year round.Covering jams, chutneys, relishes and preserves, this book is the perfect introduction for anyone wanting to master the craft for either pleasure or profit. It covers all the equipment needed and the basic principals and takes you step-by-step through making your very own jams and preserves.The book contains plenty of recipes for making jams, chutneys, relishes and preserves using both common and not so common fruits and vegetables to accompany both sweet and savoury dishes as well as a valuable resource section and is the perfect accompaniment to Diana’s other book, The Bread and Butter Book , being published this year.




The Right Way to Make Jams

Honey and Jam BooksAs the cost of bought jams and conserves increases, more and more people want to know how to make their own. The Right Way to Make Jams tells you all you need to know to produce delicious home-made jams. The book contains recipes for all the more usual fruit and vegetable jams, as well as some for out-of-the-way ones, and it includes recipes for conserves, marmalades, curds, pickles, chutneys and ketchups. Don’t worry if you don’t have a garden of your own – you can still make enormous savings by buying fruit and vegetables in bulk.




Good Home Preserves

Honey and Jam BooksThis book will show you how to preserve our wonderful spring, summer and autumn harvests, so that you can enjoy nature’s bounty even in the sparser months. From drying, bottling and freezing to simple jams, jellies, curds, cheeses, relishes, syrups and chutneys, all you will ever need to know is explained simply and clearly in this comprehensive guide to home preserving. As well as being fun, rewarding and easier than you might think to produce your own preserves, you won’t believe the difference between the flavour of shop-bought products and your own home-made produce where the raw materials are as fresh as you can get. In this book you’ll also find tasty recipes for using your home-made preserves in your cooking, from Tomato Chutney and Wensleydale Tart to Winter Conserve Roly Poly.