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Beauty Products Books

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A Selection of the Best Beauty Products Books Available

Make Your Own Skin Care Products: How to Create a Range of Nourishing and Hydrating Skin Care Products

Beauty Products BooksIf treated and nourished properly your skin will be healthy and glowing, making you feel good and look great. This book will guide you through creating your own personal range of skin care applications, tailored to your particular skin type – or any body else’s. The beauty products made use natural ingredients where possible, and throughout the book you will find details of the purpose and benefits of the ingredients used. You will also learn about ingredients that can be substituted so that you can adapt the recipes to suit your or others’ needs. In this book you will discover how to: – Choose essential oils that are useful for treating different skin conditions – Design and create a range of products including a cleanser, toner, face mask and moisturising cream – Identify the ingredients that are beneficial in hand-made skin care products – Make informed choices on which ingredients are most appropriate for different skin conditions – Make tinctures and infusions to use in your products – Store your products to ensure that they are fresh and safe to use



Green Beauty Recipes

Beauty Products Books







The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Making Natural Beauty Products

Beauty Products Books








The Ultimate Natural Beauty Book

Beauty Products BooksJosephine Fairley’s recipes for 100% natural cosmetics are a dream to make and heavenly to use. Try her treatments for all skin types, for hands, nails, feet, hair, eyes, teeth – and divine fragrances, bath soaks and herbal teas too.

Using the ‘wise woman’ tradition of the power of herbs and plants to answer your skin’s problems, this book is brimming with over eighty enticing recipes for home beauty treatments, with advice on how to grow and harvest the required ingredients from your own garden, in a way that is 100 per cent organic. The introduction will explain the natural benefits of plants and herbs, as well as providing practical advice on getting started with your own cosmetics: weighing, measuring, equipment, storage. The first recipes are divided by skin types, with practical, but delicious sounding recipes, like Apricot Softening Mask, Fennel and Elderflower Cleansing Lotion and Aloe Vera Lip-Healer. Following these are remedies for other parts of the body including hair treatments, hand creams, bath tonics, body buffers and even make up. In addition, there are details on acupressure massage techniques, which complement natural remedies, and herbal tea recipes that rejuvenate tired skin and tired minds. Scattered throughout the book are ‘plant portraits’ which look at the beneficial properties of certain plants, and at the back there is an ‘Organic Directory’ with helpful on-line and mail order sources for natural products.




Make Your Own Essential Oils and Skin-Care Products

Beauty Products BooksThere are many books available on using essential oils – now there is one on how to make your own. This book accompanies a residential weekend course, and a distillation kit to carry out the procedures outlined in the book. Making your own essential oils can be a fascinating hobby, or for the professional aromatherapist, a way of ensuring that your products are fresh, unadulterated and organic. The book also describes how to make creams, lotions, balms, gels, tinctures and other skin-care products from the essential oils and distillate waters you have produced.