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Picture Framing Books

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A Selection of the Best Picture Framing Books Available

Picture Framing

Picture Framing BooksPICTURE FRAMING- MODERN METHODS OF MAKING AND FINISHING PICTURE FRAMES by EDWARD LANDON. Contents include: I ABOUT PICTURE FRAMES i II TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT 9 III MOULDINGS 28 IV MTTER CUTTING 34 V JOINING THE FRAME 42 VI INSERTS OR LININGS 51 VII FINISHES 57 VIII DECORATIONS 88 IX REPAIRING DAMAGES 93 X MATS AND MAT-CUTTING 97 XI MOUNTING PICTURES 105 XII PASSE-PARTOUT 116 XIII GLASS-CUTTING 118 XIV ASSEMBLING 121 XV EXPERIMENTAL FRAMES ORIGINAL DESIGNS . . . 134 XVI SOURCES OF SUPPLIES . 141 XVII INDEX 144. CHAPTER ONE. ABOUT PICTURE FRAMES. THE PICTURE FRAME, as it exists today, is derived from the doorway or entrance to temples, palaces and cathedrals. From a functional viewpoint, it might have been more practical to place doors at the sides of these buildings, but the impor tance of the door framing an impressive picture of the interior was never overlooked. The need to enhance a picture or bas-relief with a frame is evidenced from the earliest times.

Basic Picture Framing

Picture Framing BooksThis detailed guide covers the essentials the beginner needs to get started with matting, mounting, and framing everything from works of art to personal mementoes. It contains practical techniques and expert tips on choosing the proper matboard and frame; measuring and cutting single, double, or triple mats; safely mounting your materials; building frames; attaching hanging hardware; and placing the frame for display.





Home Book of Picture Framing

Picture Framing BooksFraming a photograph, oil painting, watercolour, poster, calendar page, greeting card, or other artwork can be easy and inexpensive with this comprehensive guide to mounting, matting, and framing. Revised and updated from the popular first edition, Home Book of Picture Framing contains all of the information home owners need to prepare their first project, provides instructions for framing three-dimensional objects, and includes new sections on the most recent trends in framing, using power tools, framing needlework, and creating hinged easel-style frames.






How to Make Picture Frames

Picture Framing BooksThis volume contains collection of some of the best framing projects published by “American Woodworker” magazine with expert step-by-step instructions, workshop tips and matting and mounting instructions.






Picture Framing as a Business

Picture Framing as a BusinessThe Picture Framing Book as a Business Will show you how to: [ organize your picture framing business [ acquire experience in colour coordination [ increase your mat design repertoire [ handle various types of artwork including needlework [ develop conservation techniques for framing artwork You will also discover the keys to: [ designing a practical picture framing business [ increasing profits while remaining solvent [ reducing business expenses [ setting up a business plan that will get you more dollars [ recognizing and following sound business principles [ developing a winning marketing strategy