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Vegetable Growing Books

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A Selection of the Best Vegetable Growing Books Available

The Vegetable Gardener’s Container Bible

Vegetable Growing BooksThis is best-selling author Ed Smith’s complete guide to growing a bounty of vegetables in small spaces and without land. This is a completely updated and expanded edition of Incredible Vegetables from Self-Watering Containers , now including conventional containers of all sizes, from window boxes to tubs. The Vegetable Gardener’s Container Bible provides information on growing everyone’s favorite vegetables in all kinds of containers. And Ed Smith delivers his wealth of container gardening knowledge in the friendly, accessible style that his readers love. He explains how to choose the rights plants, select appropriate containers and tools, provide balanced nutrition, care for plants throughout the growing season, control pests without chemicals, and much more. He even includes plans for small-space container gardens that urban and suburban gardeners will love.



The Complete Vegetable Gardener: A Practical Guide to Growing Fresh and Delicious Vegetables

Vegetable Growing BooksEating fresh home-grown produce can’t be beaten and with this book which caters for novice gardeners and devoted enthusiasts alike, you will learn all you need to know to grow your own vegetables – from choosing a site to storing vegetables after the harvest. Simple, straightforward advice shows you how to match planting strategies to the way a crop grows and how to get the most out of a vegetable garden no matter what lifestyle, climate and garden soil you have. A crop list features over 80 entries on different vegetables – from artichokes to courgettes. Each entry contains a jargon buster planting prescription box, problem solver, recommended varieties and a Green Light box which helps the reader decide if this is the right plant for them. And throughout the book there are a dozen sample garden plans for every scheme from patio containers through to kitchen gardens. Growing your own vegetables has never been easier!



Vegetable, Fruit and Herb Growing in Small Spaces

Vegetable Growing BooksWhatever the size of your garden and whether it’s a tiny patio or even if you only have a windowbox available, John Harrison can help you to grow fresh tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, strawberries, runner beans, and much more to provide delicious food for your table. The key features of the book include: discover which are the easiest vegetables and fruit to grow in your particular situation; make the most of your containers and growbags; find out about dwarf fruit varieties; benefit from John’s practical experience and his no-nonsense advice; and enjoy the taste of homegrown produce, free of chemical residues.




The Beginner’s Guide to Growing Heirloom Vegetables

Vegetable GrowingHeirloom expert and cook Marie Lannotti brings us the fascinating stories behind these unusual vegetables, but more importantly also tells us which ones to grow for the best flavor, complete with easy growing tips and techniques. Growing your own has never looked, or tasted, so good.






Grow Your Own Vegetables

Vegetable GrowingThis guide contains everything you need to know to create a highly-productive, beautiful vegetable plot. Joy Larkom’s easy-to-follow advice covers every aspect of vegetable gardening, including preparing and looking after soil; manures, composts and fertilizers; growing techniques; pests, diseases and weeds; protection; and planning and making good use of space. The second half of the book provides cultivation information for over 100 vegetables, including site and soil requirements, cultivation, pests and diseases, and cultivars.;Comprehensively revised, the book now includes unusual vegetables from the increasingly wide range available today, new varieties and modern techniques, and up-to-date research. It addresses the concerns of 21st-century gardeners and is totally organic in its approach.